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Antique natural healthy products       

Pieve di Caminino Historic Resort invites all resident guest to visit the aattached farm, which is keeping on the tradition of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Cork, started by the monks of Caminino monastery in the XIth century. Guests are guided around the farmland, in order to experience the real country life, always different in all its rhythms and seasons: harvest, olive tree pruning, cork collection.

The property covers an area that extends for 500 hectares including: forest, olive trees, vineyard, land fit for seed.

The forest is one of the most beautiful example of Mediterranean scrub where you can find suggestive and pictureque red and gray cork oaks.

The farmland landscape main character is of coutrse the large centenary olive grove valley, which worked as an example for all the farmers who colonized this wild area in the past. These trees are often a target of attention for painters and photographers: all shapes and colours of the olive trees worked very often as an inspiration for all the artists who staied at Pieve di Caminino Historic Resort.

These centenary olive trees are the source of Caminino highest quality product:

the Pieve di Caminino extra virgin olive oil, obtained from the cold pressing of Caminino' s olives.

Purchasing Pieve di Caminino Extra Virgin Olive Oil   

You can buy this excellent tarditional product only at Pieve di Caminino Historic Resort.

You can find it at the reception, or ask for a shipping. selecting quality and quantity:


- the excellent blend extra virgin oil with a selection of the Moraiolo, Leccino, Correggiolo olives,

- the limited (just a few bottles per year) single cultivar Leccino extra virgin oil.


- bottle/s of 1/2 liter (1.06 US pints), price range euro 10,00 - 15,00 per bottle (according to quality choice)

- box of 6 bottles, 1/2 liter (1.06 US pints) each, price range as above by five (one bottle comes for free if you purchase 6 bottles).

- 5lt can (1.32 US gallons) - only blend quality - euro 70,00

We are glad to ship our extra virgin olive oil wordwide, using Mailbox etc. agency of Grosseto. You can download the shipping form here:

Please fill it in carefully and send it back to us by fax (+39 0564568756) for shipping order.

Shipping cost: please contact here Mailbox  etc. (agency of Grosseto) for exactly quoting your shipping - rates change from destination to destination.

The Marrucchi Locatelli have been producing this oil since 1873. It is considered with proud one of the strongest tradition of the family.

You will be invited to taste this precious natural product inside the atmosphere of the suggestive XI century former church, together with a glass of red wine which matches well with the taste of the simple, but tasteful dish of toasted local bread, garlic, salt and Pieve di Caminino extra virgin olive oil.

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